Unblock Banned FB Ads Manager Account Blueprint

Getting the Ban Lifted From Your FB Ads Account

In May we offer a reduced price temporarily due to virus of only 19USD.

Was your FB Ads manager account banned?

Over time this is something that will happen to every FB marketer, even if you run 100% compliant ads.

We've been running FB Ads for years now and have had our accounts banned for 15 times. However we have managed to get 14 of them back.

In this blueprint we'll give you practical tips and tricks and ready-made appeals that have proved effective for us over the years and helped us to earn a ton of $$$ in the wonderful world of FB Ads.

Book last updated: May 2020

We have added a lot of new content for the 2020 book edition - a new appeal sample and strategies how to both avoid getting banned and still continue advertising even if you do. I think our readers will love it!

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